Sports injuries occur when playing indoor or outdoor sports or while exercising. Sports injuries can result from accidents, inadequate training, improper use of protective devices, or insufficient stretching or warm-up exercises. The most common sports injuries are sprains and strains, fractures, and dislocations.

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Hip joint and knee joint replacements are helping people of all ages live pain- free, active lives.Joints are formed by the ends of two or more bones connected by tissue called cartilage. Healthy cartilage serves as a protective cushion, allowing smooth, low-friction movement of the joint. If the cartilage becomes damaged by disease or injury, the tissues around the joint become inflamed, causing pain. With time, the cartilage wears away, allowing the rough edges of bone to rub against each other, causing more pain.

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Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure during which the internal structure of a joint is examined for diagnosis and treatment of problems inside the joint. In arthroscopic examination, a small incision is made in the patient's skin through which pencil-sized instruments that have a small lens and lighting system (arthroscope) are passed. Arthroscope magnifies and illuminates the structures of the joint with the light that is transmitted through fiber optics. It is attached to a television camera and the interior of the joint is seen on the television monitor.

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Dr.Biju Pankappilly MD, MS

Specializing in sports injuries, joint replacements and arthroscopy.
Dr.Pankappilly graduated from the Vitebsk state medical university, Belarus in 1996 and then completed his postgraduate training in orthopaedics at the same university in 1999. He received specialized training in joint replacement surgery and arthroscopy by completing an year long fellowship at Amrita institute of medical sciences, Kochi in 2006.

Dr.Pankappilly developed an interest in the injuries and pathologies around the shoulder. He gained invaluable experience in the treatment of shoulder injuries during his period at Jewish hospital, Louisville, kentucky in 2008 under the guidance of Dr.Edward Tillet. He completed his shoulder fellowship under the guidance of Dr.Jean Kany, at Clinique d'Lunion, Toulouse, France in 2011.

He has had a vast experience in the treatment of pathologies around the hip, knee and shoulder. Primary interests include -primary and revision joint replacements of the hip, knee and shoulder for arthritis.



Surgeon’s skill and Blessings of the GOD!!I am 62 years old business woman.  Last 8 years I am suffering from knee joint pain. I had taken x ray and it was found that my knee joints are in very bad condition. I was hesitant to undergo surgery fearing that if the surgery is not done properly then I will become a handicapped person.

The very first time when I met Dr. Biju Pankapilly, all my doubts and fear was put to rest.  He explained to me the procedure, the part that he will usefor replacing the joints, the possible risk, the precautions that he will be taking etc.  I asked him if he will do the surgery for both the knees, since my elder sister who is in Pune, had undergone bilateral surgery previous year. Then he said he will not recommend it. So my right knee was replaced on 6th October 2014 and left one on 18th March 2015.

I had heard many stories about this surgery: most painful -post-surgery, the physiotherapy also very painful and one has to undergo for months, lot of weakness, walking trouble, have to depend on walker or elbow crutches etc.etc.

Here I wish to mention that both my elder sisters have undergone this surgery, one in Pune (Maharashtra) and another sister did it in Stuttgart (Germany) .  Both had to depend on walker for two months, in fact Germany sister had to walk on crutches for two months.  But the surgery done by Dr. Biju is so perfect that I could start all my routine work from 25th day for 1st surgery and from 15th day for second surgery.

I had to take help of walker for only one week (even less than that for the second knee), I took physiotherapy for 11 days both the times. First day was bit painful but later I can say with confidence that it is NO AT ALL painful as described by some people.  On the contrary I must say, one feels better and muscles get relaxed after every day exercise. I could climb steps from 10th day. I am taking exercise taught by physiotherapist regularly.

Dr.Biju  has given me my life back.  I don’t have words to praise him. But he says it is GOD who has done it, but I say he has come as GOD for me.  I am now travelling freely, moving up and down, NO pain, No restrictions on movements, LIVING FREE!!!!!!! GOD  Bless Dr.Biju and give him strength to cure so many patients like me who are suffering from this pain, which stops all normal activity and compels one to live sedentary life.

I wish him all the best in his life and more and more success to him since I have noticed one thing about him that is, he keeps himself refreshed with latest knowledge in his field and notes down even minute things about every patient vis, healing of wound, bleeding from wound, pain , change of bandages etc. Keeps personal touch with patient, so patient doesn’t feel lonely, and can report to him even minor problems.

Mrinalini Gore (India)
Business woman (

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